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 400 Blows, The   400 Blows, The
Dir: Francois Truffaut Cast: Jean Pierre Leaud Genre: French New WaveA young Parisian boy, Antoine Doinel, neglected by his derelict parents, skips school, sneaks into movies, runs away from home, steals things, and tries (disastrously) to return them. Like most kids, he gets into more trouble for things he thinks are right than for his actual trespasses. Unlike most kids, he gets whacked with the big stick. He inhabits a Paris of dingy flats, seedy arcades, abandoned factories, and workaday str...MORE
 Abandoned   Abandoned
Director: John Laing Stars: Dominic Purcell, Peter Feeney, Owen BlackGenre: ThrillerIn 1989 the trimaran Rose Noelle set sail from Picton, New Zealand, for Tonga with four men on board. After a freak wave turned the boat upside down, they drifted for 119 days before landing on Great Barrier Island....MORE
 Anatomy Of A Relationship   Anatomy Of A Relationship
Directors: Luc Moullet, Antonietta Pizzorno Stars: Luc Moullet, Christine Hébert, Antonietta PizzornoGenre: DramaLuc Moullet, original member of the French New Wave and long-time critic for Cahiers du Cinema, directed these two distinctive documentaries that resonate with his absurdist view and maverick vision. Anatomy Of A Relationship is a daring, delirious dissection of the dilemmas of two intellectuals who can't quite make their sex life work. Moullet stars as himself in this fearles...MORE
Dir.: Milos FormanCast: Genre: ComedyKONKURS is Milos Forman's debut film and launched what became known internationally as the Czech New Wave. Although made as two separate 'featurettes', the style and themes were very similar and they were released as one film. KONKURS is important as the first work of a world-renowned director because it clearly shows the beginnings of the style and pre-occupations prominent in many of Forman's subsequently acclaimed films including 'Loves of a Blonde', 'One ...MORE
 Bakery Girl Of Monceau, The   Bakery Girl Of Monceau, The
Dir.: Eric RohmerCast:Genre: French new wave DramaIn the first of Rohmer’s “Moral Tales,” a law student (Barbet Schroeder) with a roving eye and a large appetite stuffs himself full of sugar cookies and pastries daily in order to garner the attentions of the pretty brunette who works in a quaint Paris bakery....MORE
 Band Of Outsiders (Bande A Part)   Band Of Outsiders (Bande A Part)
Dir: GodardCast: Anna Karina Genre: French new waveTwo crooks with a fondness for old Hollywood B-movies convince a languages student to help them commit a robbery.Franz, a young man with Alain Delon good looks, has met Odile in an English class. She lives in Joinville with wealthy benefactors and has mentioned to Franz that Mr. Stolz keeps a pile of 10,000 franc notes unlocked in his room. Franz tells his friend Arthur, a swarthy guy whose shady uncle is pressing him for money. Arthur and Franz...MORE
 Bay Of Angels (La baie des anges)   Bay Of Angels (La baie des anges)
Dir.: Jacques DemyCast: Michel Legrand, Jean Rabier, Anne-Marie CotretGenre: French New Wave dramaJean is a clerk in a bank. His colleague Caron is a gambler and teaches him how to play. In the casinos, Jean meets Jackie. Their love affair will follow their luck at the roulette. One of the great studies of gambling obsession....MORE
 Beaches Of Agnes, The   Beaches Of Agnes, The
Dir: Agnes Varda Genre: Documentary Agnes Varga's self-made biography, making a film, being part of the New Wave, raising children with Jacques Demy, losing him, and growing old. She explores her memory using photographs, film clips, home movies, contemporary interviews, and set pieces she designs to capture a feeling, a time, or a frame. Shining through each scene are her impish charm, inventiveness, and natural empathy. How do people grow old, how does loss stay with them, can they remain crea...MORE
 Beautiful Thing   Beautiful Thing
Dir.: Hettie MacdonaldCast: Linda Henry, Meera Syal, Glen Berry, Martin Walsh, Steven M. MartinGenre: ComedyA tender love story set during a hot summer on a South-East London housing estate. Jamie, a relatively unpopular lad who bunks off school to avoid football, lives next door to Ste, a more popular athletic lad but who is frequently beaten up by his father and older brother. Such an episode of violence brings Jamie and Ste together: Sandra (Jamie's mum) offers refugee to Ste, who has to 'top...MORE
 Blank City   Blank City
Director: Celine Danhier Stars: Amos Poe, Ann MagnusonGenre: Music documentaryDuring the rise of punk rock in the late '70s, downtown New York experienced a wave of "Do it yourself" independent film-making. Fortunately, it soon passed....MORE
 Breathless (a bout de souffle)   Breathless (a bout de souffle)
Dir.: Jean-Luc GodardCast: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg, Daniel Boulanger, Jean-Pierre Melville, Henri-Jacques HuetGenre: Crime, French New WaveIn this classic of the French New Wave, Michel Poiccard, an irresponsible sociopath and small-time thief, steals a car and impulsively murders the motorcycle policeman who pursues him. Now wanted by the authorities, he renews his relationship with Patricia Franchini, a hip American girl studying journalism at the Sorbonne, whom he had met in Nice a fe...MORE
 Capricious Summer   Capricious Summer
Dir.: Jir’ MenzelCast: Jir’ Sust, Jarom’r Sofr, Jirina Lukesov‡Genre: ComedyMiddle-aged Antonin and his friends, the major, now retired, and the canon, are in the river, swimming and philosophizing. Then it starts to rain. It just seems to be that sort of summer. Antonin runs the swimming bath with his portly wife Katherine... A man appears with his horse-drawn caravan. He lays a striped pole across the river and walks over. With a handstand and a magic trick, Ernie the Conjuror invites ...MORE
 Capricious Summer/The Joke   Capricious Summer/The Joke
Dir: Jiri Menzel Stars: Genre: ComedyTwo years after his worldwide hit Closely Watched Trains, Jiří Menzel directed this amusing idyll about three middle-aged men whose mellow summer is interrupted by the arrival of a circus performer and his beautiful assistant. A meditation on aging and sex, shot in warm, sun-dappled color, Capricious Summer is one of the New Wave’s loveliest reveries. * Czech Republic - 1968 - 76 minutes - Color - 1.33:1 - Czech with English s...MORE
 Carlton Godard Cinema   Carlton Godard Cinema
Dir.: Nigel BuesstCast: Graeme Cutts, Peter Fisher, Geoff Gardner, Antony I. GinnaneGenre: DocumentaryA study of the short films made in Carlton during the Sixties, when film makers like Graeme Cutts, Peter Fisher, Geoff Gardner, Antony I. Ginnane contributed to a kind of Australian New Wave to match the revolution in theatre at La Mama. The influence of Jean Luc Godard is very evident....MORE
 Classe Tous Risques   Classe Tous Risques
Dir.: Claude SautetCast: Lino Ventura, Sandra Milo, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Queen Kong, Cheung LungGenre: Art House & InternationalClaude Sautet's neo-realist "Classe Tous Risques" (loosely translated as "all-risk insurance") deserves the kind of acclaim accorded classic American noirs, like "They Live by Night". As with Nicholas Ray before him, the Frenchman behind the exquisitely restrained chamber pieces "Un Coeur en Hiver" and "Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud" combines genre tropes with tenderness. It'...MORE
 Cleo From 5 To 7   Cleo From 5 To 7
Dir.: Agnes VardaCast: Corinne Marchand, Antoine Bourseiller, Dominique Davray, Dorothe Blank, Michel LegrandGenre: French New Wave DramaThis movie shows us Cleo, a French singer, who is afraid of getting the result of an doctor. She is of the opinion, that she has cancer, and belives, that she will die of it. So we follow her for two hours, when she is cursing trough Paris. At the end she meet an soldier, who is going to move to war (Algier) the next day....MORE
 Contempt (le Mepris)   Contempt (le Mepris)
Dir.: Jean Luc GodardCast: Brigitte Bardot, Raoul Coutard, Fritz Lang, Giorgia Moll, Jack PalanceGenre: French New WaveAn innovative production of Homer's "Odyssey" and the struggle of a respected screenwriter (Michel Piccoli) to please a pugnacious producer (Jack Palance), a veteran director (Fritz Lang, essentially playing himself), and a petulant wife (Brigitte Bardot) who's grown tired of their turbulent relationship. Adapted from the novel by Alberto Moravia....MORE
 Crazy Pete (Pierrot Le Fou)   Crazy Pete (Pierrot Le Fou)
Dir.: Jean Luc GodardCast: BelmondoGenre: French new wave Pierrot escapes his boring society and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea with Marianne, a girl chased by hit-men from Algeria. They lead an unorthodox life, always on the run....MORE
 Daisies/The Party & The Guests   Daisies/The Party & The Guests
Dir: Věra ChytilováStars: Genre: ComedyMaybe the New Wave’s most anarchic entry, Věra Chytilová’s absurdist farce follows the misadventures of two brash young women. Believing the world to be “spoiled,” they embark on a series of pranks in which nothing—food, clothes, men, war—is taken seriously. Daisies is an aesthetically and politically adventurous film that’s widely considered one of the great works of feminist cinema.# Czech Republic - 1966 - 76 minutes - Color - 1.33:1 - Cze...MORE
 Death by Hanging   Death by Hanging
Dir.: Nagisa OshimaCast: Genre: HorrorGenius provocateur Nagisa Oshima, an influential figure in the Japanese New Wave of the 1960s, made one of his most startling political statements with the compelling pitch-black satire Death by Hanging. In this macabre farce, a Korean man is sentenced to death in Japan but survives his execution, sending the authorities into a panic about what to do next. At once disturbing and oddly amusing, Oshima’s constantly surprising film is a subversive and surreal i...MORE
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 74 Titles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
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