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 2 Days In Paris   2 Days In Paris
Dir.: Julie DelpyCast: Adam Goldberg, Julie Delpy, Daniel BrŸhl, Marie Pillet, Albert DelpyGenre: Comedy2 Jours - 2 Days follows two days in the relationship of a New York based couple; a French photographer Marion and American interior designer Jack-as they attempt to re-infuse their relationship with romance by taking a vacation in Europe. Their trip to Venice didn\'t really work out,--they both came down with gastroenteritis. They have higher hopes for Paris. But the combination of Marion\'s...MORE
 400 Blows, The   400 Blows, The
Dir: Francois Truffaut Cast: Jean Pierre Leaud Genre: French New WaveA young Parisian boy, Antoine Doinel, neglected by his derelict parents, skips school, sneaks into movies, runs away from home, steals things, and tries (disastrously) to return them. Like most kids, he gets into more trouble for things he thinks are right than for his actual trespasses. Unlike most kids, he gets whacked with the big stick. He inhabits a Paris of dingy flats, seedy arcades, abandoned factories, and workaday str...MORE
Dir.: MALCOLM VENVILLECast: Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen DillaneGenre: ThrillerColin is in agony, shattered by his wife's infidelity. However, he has friends who do more than stand by -- they kidnap the wife's French lover and hold him prisoner so that Colin can restore his manhood with revenge. A kangaroo court takes place and as the situation escalates Loverboy's life hangs in the balance as Colin wrestles with revenge, remorse, grief and self pity, all the whil...MORE
 A Cat In Paris   A Cat In Paris
Directors: Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol Stars: Dominique Blanc, Bruno Salomone and Jean Benguigui Genre: Animation A thrilling mystery that unfurls in the alleys and on the rooftops of the French capital, Paris, over the course of one adventurous evening....MORE
 A Cat In Paris   A Cat In Paris
Directors: Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol Stars: Dominique Blanc, Bruno Salomone and Jean BenguiguiGenre: Animation A thrilling mystery that unfurls in the alleys and on the rooftops of the French capital, Paris, over the course of one adventurous evening....MORE
 A Foreign Field   A Foreign Field
Dir.: Charles SturridgeCast: Geoffrey Burgon, Richard Greatrex, John BloomGenre: DramaAmos and Cyril are a pair of British veterans from WWII, going back to Normandy 50 years after D-Day to visit an old buddy's grave. There, they run into Waldo, an American WWII vet. And both Waldo and Cyril run into a French woman they were both enamored of in their soldiering days and begin squabbling over her. Waldo's son and daughter-in-law are putting up with him and each other. And the entire group meet up...MORE
Dir.: Régis WargnierCast: Emmanuelle Beart and Daniel AuteuilGenre: DramaIn 1939, Jeanne (Emmanuelle Beart) marries Louis (Daniel Auteuil) shortly before he is called to duty during World War II. Jeanne does not deal well with loneliness, and she takes many lovers after Louis is declared Missing In Action. In 1944, Jeanne receives word that Louis is alive, incarcerated in a P.O.W. camp. When Louis is released and returns home, he learns of her scandalous behavior; he forgives her for her infidel...MORE
 A Grin Without Cat   A Grin Without Cat
Dir: Chris MarkerCast: Genre: DocumentaryA 1977 French essay film that focuses on global political turmoil in the 1960s and 70s, particularly the rise of the New Left in France and the development of socialist movements in Latin America. Using the image of Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat, the film's title evokes a dissonance between the promise of a global socialist revolution (the grin) with its actual nonexistence...MORE
 A Little Romance   A Little Romance
Dir.: George Roy HillCast: Laurence Olivier, Diane Lane, Thelonious Bernard, Arthur Hill, Sally KellermanGenre: ComedyA French boy (Daniel) and an American girl (Lauren), who goes to school in Paris, meet and begin a little romance. They befriend Julius who enchants them with his story telling. In an attempt to solidify the teens' love forever, the three journey to Venice....MORE
 A Ma Soeur   A Ma Soeur
Dir.: Catherine BreillatCast: Anais Reboux, Roxane Mesquida, Romain Goupil, Arsinee Khanjian, Laura BettiGenre: PeriodTouchingly honest but also highly disturbing account of two French middle-class teenage sisters' family holiday. As sexually explicit as Breillat's earlier picture, "Romance", this film focuses on the travails of flabby 12-year-old Anais Pingot who is the bane and the opposite of her glamorous elder sister Elena. Constantly having to live in the shadow of Elena and being nagged b...MORE
 A Man Escaped   A Man Escaped
Dir: Robert BressonCast: Genre: Prison DramaFrench Resistance activist Andre Devigny is imprisoned by the Nazis, and devotes his waking hours to planning an elaborate escape. Then, on the same day, he is condemned to death, and given a new cellmate. Should he kill him, or risk revealing his plans to someone who may be a Gestapo informer?...MORE
 A Prophet   A Prophet
Dir.: Jacques AudiardCast:Tahar RahimGenre: Action Malik, a French-Arab convict who enters a concrete-and-steel hell to serve a sentence of six years (so we know he can’t have done anything too dreadful). He tries to keep his head down, but this isn’t that sort of place. The ruling bully boys are the Corsican inmates, led by ageing but vicious César (Niels Arestrup), who forces Malik to kill another inmate....MORE
 A propos de Nice (1930) - Jean Vigo   A propos de Nice (1930) - Jean Vigo
Dir.: Jean VigoCast: Genre: DocumentaryIn A propos de Nice (1930) What starts off as a conventional travelogue turns into a satirical portrait of the town of Nice on the French Cote d'Azur, especially its wealthy inhabitants. In Vigo's second short film, Jean Taris, Swimming Champion (1931) the subject, allegedly, is a French national swimming champion, Jean Taris....MORE
 A Secret   A Secret
Dir.: Claude MillerCast: CŽcile De France, Patrick Bruel, Ludivine Sagnier, Julie Depardieu, Mathieu AmalricGenre: "Drama, War"This is a highly engrossing and flawlessly acted French drama concerning the devestating effect a married man's infatuation with another woman has on his family, with the German occupation of France during WWII as its backdrop. The basic premise isn't necessarily the most original, but the execution is superb. The movie weaves back and forth between the past and the pre...MORE
 A Sunday In Hell & Vive Le Tour (1962-75)   A Sunday In Hell & Vive Le Tour (1962-75)
Dir.: Jorgen LethCast: Genre: DocumentaryThis at once empathetic, mythological approach to cycle racing (with a shift towards a simpler narration) is the same as that of Stars and Watercarriers, but for A Sunday in Hell Jurgen Leth had more than 20 camera units and a helicopter at his disposal. The film follows the French Paris-Roubaix spring classic, notorious for the hellish paves or cobbled roads of the north which are no longer used for civilised traffic but only for transporting cattle - an...MORE
 A Tale Of Two Cities   A Tale Of Two Cities
Dir.: MICHAEL E BRYANTCast: Peter Cushing · Chris Sarandon · Flora Robson · Nigel HawthorneGenre: TVBBC TV adaptation of Dickens novel of the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities debuted in December 2, 1980....MORE
 A Very Long Engagement   A Very Long Engagement
Dir.: Jean-Pierre JeunetCast: Audrey Tautou, Chantal Neuwirth, Dominique Pinon, Gaspard Ulliel, Jodie FosterGenre: DramaFrance near the end of World War I, in the trenches of the Somme, and the gilded Parisian halls of power, and the modest home of an indomitable provincial girl, the story of a young woman's relentless and sometimes comic search for her fiance, who has disappeared. He is one of five French soldiers believed to have been court-martialed under mysterious circumstances and pushed o...MORE
 A Woman Is A Woman   A Woman Is A Woman
Dir.: Jean-Luc GodardCast: Jean-Claude Brialy, Anna Karina, Jean-Paul BelmondoGenre: Art House & InternationalFeaturing French superstars Anna Karina, Jean-Paul Belmondo, and Jean-Claude Brialy at their peak of popularity, A Woman Is a Woman is a sly, playful tribute to—and interrogation of—the American musical comedy, showcasing Godard’s signature wit and intellectual acumen. The film tells the story of exotic dancer Angéla (Karina) as she attempts to have a child with her unwilling lover Émile...MORE
 A Woman Of Paris   A Woman Of Paris
Dir.: Charles ChaplinCast: Edna Purviance, Clarence Geldart, Carl Miller, Lydia Knott, Charles K. FrenchGenre: Silent cinemaMarie St. Clair believes she has been jilted by her artist fiance Jean when he fails to meet her at the railway station. She goes off to Paris alone. A year later, mistress of wealthy Pierre Revel, she meets Jean again. Misinterpreting events she bounces back and forth between apparent security and true love. Also misinterpreting, Jean commits suicide....MORE
 Absolutely Fabulous Series 5   Absolutely Fabulous Series 5
Dir.: Harry CoyleCast: Dawn French and Jennifer SaundersGenre: TV SeriesDawn French and Jennifer Saunders play kidults....MORE
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 429 Titles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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