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 Castle, The   Castle, The
Dir.: Rob SitchCast: Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Stephen Curry, Anthony Simcoe, Sophie LeeGenre: ComedyThe Castle is a sweeping saga that takes the harsh Australian outback, the rugged characters of the ANZAC legend, the spirit of Banjo Patterson and ignores them in favour of a greyhound racing, tow-truck driver who never meant to be a hero....MORE
 Cedar Boys   Cedar Boys
Dir.: Serhat CaradeeCast: Rachael Taylor, Martin Henderson, Bren Foster, Daniel Amalm, Les ChanteryGenre: DramaA young Lebanese-Australian panel beater, struggling to realize his dreams, is offered a chance to set himself up for life. All he has to do is to follow the plan to out-smart the cops & a gang of serious criminals. He wants the prize, but is he willing to pay the price?...MORE
 Celia   Celia
Dir.: Ann TurnerCast: Rebecca Smart, Nicholas Eadie, Victoria Longley, Mary-Anne Fahey, Margaret RickettsGenre: HorrorSet in mid 1950s Australia, with the fear of communism in the air and the country's farmlands overrun by a plague of rabbits, the film depicts a long hot summer seen through the eyes and over-active imagination of nine year old Celia. Shaken by the death of her beloved Grandmother, Celia finds herself adrift between the cruel games and rituals of childhood and the incomprehen...MORE
 Celluloid Heroes, The   Celluloid Heroes, The
Dir.: Robert FrancisCast: Genre: DocumentaryProduced by Film Australia in collaboration with the ABC to celebrate the first century of filmmaking in Australia, this fascinating four-part series details the evolution of Australian cinema from the early silent film-era to the modern renaissance in Australian film-making when names like Peter Weir, Geoffrey Rush and Nicole Kidman became world cinema icons. episodes:1: The Pioneers 1895 - 1928: OK For Sound 1928 - 1948: After The War: The Forgotten...MORE
 Charlie and Boots   Charlie and Boots
Dir.: Cast: Val Lehman, Paul Hogan, Roy Billing, Shane Jacobson, Reg Evans, Morgan GriffinGenre: ComedyWhen Charlie McFarlane (Paul Hogan) withdraws from his life after a family tragedy, his estranged son, "Boots" (Shane Jacobson) decides to drag his reluctant father on a trip to fulfil their lifelong ambition to fish off Australia's northern tip in Cape York. The feisty Charlie wants no part in this crazy idea, but propelled by Boots' determination, they travel across the country towards their ...MORE
 Charlie's Country   Charlie's Country
Dir: Rolf de HeerCast: David GulpililGenre: DramaA portrait of a man, Charlie (David Gulpilil) and his struggle to understand how he should define himself as an aboriginal in modern Australia.Blackfella Charlie is out of sorts. The intervention is making life more difficult on his remote community, what with the proper policing of whitefella laws now. So Charlie takes off....MORE
Dir.: Cast: Genre: Occasionally amusing Australian sketch comedy....MORE
 Children of the Revolution   Children of the Revolution
Dir.: Peter DuncanCast: Judy Davis, Sam Neill, F. Murray Abraham, Richard Roxburgh, Rachel GriffithsGenre: ComedyFew knew that Stalin spent his last night in the arms of a young Australian woman. Few still knew that their "love-child" brought Australia to the brink of civil war. Until now ......MORE
 Cloudstreet   Cloudstreet
Dir: Stars: Kerry FoxGenre: DramaThe lives of two working class Australian families who come to live together at One Cloud Street, over a period of twenty years, 1943 - 1963. Tim Winton's novel adapted for tv....MORE
 Club, The (1980)   Club, The (1980)
Director: Bruce Beresford Stars:Jack Thompson, Graham KennedyGenre: Sports dramaBoardroom and dressing-room intrigues spill on to the field at the Australian Rules football club. (1980) 96 min - Comedy | Drama | Sport - 18 September 1980 (USA) - Ratings: 6.6/10...MORE
 Coca-Cola Kid, The   Coca-Cola Kid, The
Director: Dusan Makavejev Stars:Eric Roberts, Greta Scacchi Genre: Comedy An eccentric marketing guru visits a Coca-Cola subsidiary in Australia to try and increase market penetration... Bizarre hybrid as Yugoslav director of 'WR' meets Frank Moorhouse's script in Australia with acting great Christ Heywood and topless reliable Greta Scacchi. Patchy but worth watching as an example of the now lost art of Australian cinema. (1985) - Ratings: 5.9/10...MORE
 Colour of War - the Anzacs   Colour of War - the Anzacs
Dir.: Cast: Russell Crowe.Genre: Warfeatures stories told by New Zealand and Australian servicemen from World War I through to Vietnam. Narrated by Russell Crowe....MORE
 Combination, The   Combination, The
Dir.: David FieldCast: George Basha, Firass Dirani, Doris Younane, Rahel Abdulrahman, Clare BowenGenre: DramaSet in the maligned western suburbs of Sydney, Lebanese-Australian John gets out of gaol to discover his younger brother Charlie is caught up with drugs, hookers and crime. Charlie oscillates between the streets and school. Daily clashes between Scott and Charlie's gang escalate. This feud spills into the streets in a territory and identity battle that turns bloody....MORE
 Come In Spinner   Come In Spinner
Director: Robert Marchand Writer: Nick Enright Stars: Lisa Harrow, Kerry Armstrong and Rebecca Gibney This celebrated Australian 305-minute miniseries is a fairly straightforward adaptation of Dymphna Cusack and Florence James' classic wartime novel about three women working in a beauty salon in Sydney's premier hotel during 1944....MORE
 Crackerjack   Crackerjack
Dir.: Paul MolloyCast: Mick Molloy, Bill Hunter, John Clarke, Samuel Johnson, Judith LucyGenre: ComedyIt's on for young and old. Larrikin Aussie comedian Mick Molloy is Jack Simpson - office-worker, drifter and total scammer. When he joins the local bowling club just to score free inner-city parking, little does he know he may become the key to the future of the club! With the Cityside Club in financial straits and shady developer Bernie Fowler (John Clarke), breathing down its neck, the club is...MORE
 Creation: Steve Parrish (2005)   Creation: Steve Parrish (2005)
A unique and personal DVD experience which explores the inspiration derived from the vast Australian landscape...MORE
 Crocodile Dundee   Crocodile Dundee
Dir.: Peter FaimanCast: Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon, David Gulpilil, Ritchie SingerGenre: ComedyNew York reporter Sue travels to Australia to meet and interview Michael J. Crocodile Dundee, a man who runs a safari business and has just survived an attacked by a crocodile. After spending a few days touring the safari park, Sue invites Mick to come back with her to visit New York. How would the clash of cultures and different life style affect the Aussie bushman? How do things turn o...MORE
 Crocodile Hunter   Crocodile Hunter
Stars:Steve Irwin, Terri IrwinGenre: Doco Steve and wife Terri educate and entertain on the subject of Australia's all too often dangerous wildlife. (1996 ) TV Series Documentary - 30 min - Adventure | Documentary - 7.5 /10...MORE
 Dad & Dave On Our Selection   Dad & Dave On Our Selection
Director: George Whaley Stars:Leo McKern, Joan SutherlandGenre: ComedyTired of local corruption and the harshness of his life a bushman demonstrates the true Aussie spirit and decides to run for parliament. (1995) 107 min - Comedy - 20 July 1995 (Australia) - Ratings: 5.7/10...MORE
 Dead Calm   Dead Calm
Dir.: Phillip NoyceCast: Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill, Billy Zane, Rod Mullinar, Joshua TildenGenre: HorrorAn Australian couple take a sailing trip in the Pacific to forget about a terrible accident. While on the open sea, in dead calm, they come across a ship with one survivor who is not at all what he seems....MORE
Displaying 61 to 80 (of 338 Titles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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