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M*A*S*H (Mash, 1971)
M*A*S*H (Mash, 1971)
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5 Against The House  5 Against The House
Dir.: Phil KarlsonCast: Guy Madison, Kim Novak, Brian Keith, Alvy Moore, Kerwin MathewsGenre: Four college buddies enjoy a night at a Reno casino and overhear a cop saying that robbing the casino "cannot be done." That gets the brainiest rich kid among them thinking up a plan for the perfect robbery. He convinces the others to join in when they hear that it will only be a college hoax, his plan being to let the police know where the money is afterwards. The thing is, one of his friends has a hea...MORE
Ace In The Hole  Ace In The Hole
Dir.: Billy Wilder Cast:Kirk Douglas Genre: Drama Chuck Tatum, an amoral newspaper reporter caught in dead-end Albuquerque, happens upon a scoop and ensures a local man trapped in a rockfall at a copper mine cannot be moved until the story goes national. Satire on the rise of mass market journalism....MORE
Act Of Violence / Mystery Street  Act Of Violence / Mystery Street
Dir.: Fred Zinnemann Cast: Van Heflin, Ricardo MontalbanGenre: NoirAn embittered, vengeful POW stalks his former commanding officer who betrayed his men's planned escape attempt from a Nazi prison camp.. Mystery Street - A small town policeman is assisted by a Harvard professor when the skeletal remains of a pregnant prostitute turn up on a Massachusetts beach....MORE
Amazing Dr Clitterhouse, The  Amazing Dr Clitterhouse, The
Dir.: Anatole LitvakCast: Irving Bacon, Humphrey Bogart, Curt Bois, Ward Bond, Donald CrispGenre: CrimeDr. Clitterhouse is fascinated with the working of the criminal mind. His interest is so deep that he finds the best way to observe criminals in action is to become one himself! Whilst robbing a safe at an exclusive party he stumbles across an organized gang trying to the same thing. He teams up with the gang to observe them in action but one of the members, Rocks Valentine would like nothing b...MORE
Angel Face  Angel Face
Dir.: Otto PremingerCast: Robert MitchumGenre: Film NoirWhen Mrs. Tremayne is mysteriously poisoned with gas, ambulance driver Frank Jessup meets her refined but sensuous stepdaughter Diane, who quickly pursues and infatuates him. Under Diane's seductive influence, Frank is soon the Tremayne chauffeur; but he begins to suspect danger under her surface sweetness. When he shows signs of pulling away, Diane schemes to get him in so deep he'll never get out....MORE
Angel Face  Angel Face
Dir.: Otto PremingerCast: Robert MitchumGenre: DramaWhen Mrs. Tremayne is mysteriously poisoned with gas, ambulance driver Frank Jessup meets her refined but sensuous stepdaughter Diane, who quickly pursues and infatuates him. Under Diane\'s seductive influence, Frank is soon the Tremayne chauffeur; but he begins to suspect danger under her surface sweetness. When he shows signs of pulling away, Diane schemes to get him in so deep he\'ll never get out....MORE
Angels With Dirty Faces  Angels With Dirty Faces
Dir.: MICHAEL CURTIZCast: Jimmy CagneyGenre: Prison gangsterA priest tries to stop a gangster from corrupting a group of street kids....MORE
Asphalt Jungle, The  Asphalt Jungle, The
Dir.: John HustonCast: Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen, James Whitmore, Sam JaffeGenre: Crime'Doc' Riedenschneider, legendary crime 'brain' just out of prison, has a brilliant plan for a million-dollar burglary. To pull it off, he recruits safecracker Louis, driver Gus, financial backer Emmerich, and strong-arm man Dix Handley. At first the plan goes like clockwork, but little accidents accumulate and each partner proves to have his own fatal weakness. In the background is a pervasive...MORE
Bad Sleep Well, The  Bad Sleep Well, The
Dir.: Akira KurosawaCast: Toshiro Mifune, Masayuki Mori, Kyoko Kagawa, Tatsuya Mihashi, Takashi ShimuraGenre: DramaIn Kurosawa's HAMLET-like story of corporate scandal in post-war Japan, a young man attempts to use his position at the heart of a corrupt company to expose the men responsible for his father\'s death....MORE
Behind Locked Doors  Behind Locked Doors
Dir.: Budd BoetticherCast: Lucille Bremer, Richard Carlson, Douglas Fowley, Ralf Harolde, Thomas Browne HenryGenre: DramaA well-known judge has become a fugitive from the police, with a large reward on his head. A reporter believes that the judge is hiding in a private sanitarium, so she seeks out a private investigator and asks him to pretend to be insane, so that he can get inside the sanitarium and look for the judge. The investigator is admitted to the asylum, and encounters many dangers whi...MORE
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt  Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
Dir: Fritz LangStars: Dana AndrewssGenre: NoirHoping to expose fatal flaws in the legal system, a writer DANA ANDREWS, (Laura) places a bet that he can have himself convicted of murder on purely circumstantial evidence by planting false clues at a crime scene, before sensationally revealing his trick at the last minute. However, a series of disastrous coincidences leaves him facing execution - and a frantic search for the true killer begins. Fritz Lang s ingenious thriller (his last Hollywood...MORE
Big Clock, The  Big Clock, The
Dir.: John FarrowCast: Ray Milland, Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Sullivan, George Macready, Rita JohnsonGenre: DramaWhen powerful publishing tycoon Earl Janouth commits an act of murder at the height of passion, he cleverly begins to cover his tracks and frame an innocent man, whose identity he doesn't know, but who just happen to have contact with the murder victim. That man is a close associate on his magazine whom he enlists to trap this "killer" George Stroud. It's up to George to continue to...MORE
Big Combo, The  Big Combo, The
Dir.: Joseph H. LewisCast: Cornel Wilde, Richard Conte, Brian Donlevy, Jean Wallace, Robert MiddletonGenre: Film-NoirPolice Lt. Diamond is told to close his surveillance of suspected mob boss Mr. Brown because it's costing the department too much money with no results. Diamond makes one last attempt to uncover evidence against Brown by going to Brown's girlfriend, Susan Lowell....MORE
Big Heat, The  Big Heat, The
Dir.: Fritz LangCast: Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Jocelyn Brando, Alexander Scourby, Lee MarvinGenre: Film NoirTough cop Dave Bannion takes on a politically powerful crime syndicate....MORE
Big Knife, The  Big Knife, The
Dir.: Robert AldrichCast: Jack Palance, Ida Lupino, Wendell Corey, Jean Hagen, Rod SteigerGenre: DramaCharles Castle is a successful Hollywood actor who has opted for screen success over art. He must make critical decisions regarding his career, his marriage, his art & morality. In this screen adaptation of a Clifford Odets play, Castle is pressured by his studio boss and manipulated into a potentially murderous cover-up to protect his career. An indictment of the amoral world of 50\'s Hollywood...MORE
Big Sleep, The  Big Sleep, The
Dir.: Howard HawksCast: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, John Ridgely, Martha Vickers, Dorothy MaloneGenre: CrimeSummoned by the dying General Sternwood, Philip Marlowe is asked to deal with several problems that are troubling his family. Marlowe finds that each problem centers about the disappearance of Sternwood's favoured employee who has left with a mobster's wife. Each of the problems becomes a cover for something else as Marlowe probes....MORE
Big Steal, The (1949)  Big Steal, The (1949)
Dir.: Don SiegelCast: Robert Mitchum, Jane GreerGenre: DramaJane and Duke (alias Capt. Blake) accidently meet in Vera Cruz while chasing flim-flam man Fiske. Soon the local Inspector General (El Gato) is involved. Fiske races across Mexico, pursued by Jane and Duke, trailed by the real Capt. Blake. The crafty Inspector General is waiting for them in Tihuacan but they all give him the slip, just in time for the climactic finale. Very tight script and pacing....MORE
Black Angel  Black Angel
Dir.: Roy William NeillCast: Peter LorreGenre: NoirKirk Bennett is falsely sentenced to death for killing blackmailer Mavis Marlowe, ex-wife of nice-guy drunk Martin Blair. Bennett\'s stand-up wife Catherine tries to prove him innocent, enlisting the aid of Blair, who falls in love with her. Bennett\'s execution draws near as the two pose as piano player and singer, trying to get the goods on sleazy nightclub owner Marko, a prime suspect. Failing to nail Marko, Catherine goes off to meet with he...MORE
Black Book, The  Black Book, The
Dir.: Anthony MannCast: Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart, Richard Hart, Arlene Dahl, Arnold MossGenre: Film-NoirThe plot starts in France in the year 1794. Robespierre is sowing panic among his opponents with the only reason to take over the power of the state....MORE
Black Dahlia, The  Black Dahlia, The
Dir.: Brian De PalmaCast: Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson, Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Mia KirshnerGenre: CrimeIn 1946, the former boxers Dwight Bucky Bleichert and Lee Blanchard are policemen in Los Angeles. Lee has a good relationship with his chief and uses a box fight between them to promote the department and get a raise to the police force. They succeed and are promoted to homicide detectives, working together. Bucky becomes a close friend of Lee and his girlfriend Kay Lake, forming a t...MORE
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 173 Titles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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