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Jammed, The (2007)
Jammed, The (2007)
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A Long Weekend in Pest and Buda  A Long Weekend in Pest and Buda
Dir.: K MakkCast: Mari Töröcsik, Iván Darvas and Eszter Nagy-KálózyGenre: DramaHungarian director Karoly Makk directs Mari Torocsik and Ivan Darvas -- the well-known stars of his acclaimed film Love -- in this contemporary romance set in Budapest. Decades have passed since Ivan (Darvas) had a passionate fling with Mari (Torocsik), and he's now married and living in Switzerland. But when an urgent phone call brings him back to Hungary, he's swept back into her arms -- and her secrets....MORE
Adelheid  Adelheid
Dir.: Frantisek Vl‡cilCast: Petr Cepek, Emma Cern‡, Jan Vostrcil, Jana Krupickov‡, Pavel Landovsk?Genre: DramaIn the aftermath of World War II, a former Czech soldier takes charge of a manor formerly owned by a German family. He falls in love with the daughter, who is now a maid, and is forced to confront the stress between his love and his conscience when he discovers her sheltering her German-soldier brother.The first colour film by Czech master František Vláčil (director of the daz...MORE
Another Way (1982)  Another Way (1982)
A film by Karolly Makk. At a collective farm, Eva finds the authorities have blocked an attempt at a more democratic way of organising their cooperative venture....MORE
Dir.: Milos FormanCast: Genre: ComedyKONKURS is Milos Forman's debut film and launched what became known internationally as the Czech New Wave. Although made as two separate 'featurettes', the style and themes were very similar and they were released as one film. KONKURS is important as the first work of a world-renowned director because it clearly shows the beginnings of the style and pre-occupations prominent in many of Forman's subsequently acclaimed films including 'Loves of a Blonde', 'One ...MORE
Blissfully Yours  Blissfully Yours
Dir.: Apichatpong WEERASETHAKULCast: Genre: DramaInnovative and enigmatic, Blissfully Yours is a languid celebration of the pleasures of the moment. In Apichatpong's heady, sensual and playful film, a leisurely road trip and a picnic in the jungle give way to uninhibited emotion and eroticism. A meditation on happiness, superstition, politics and sexuality, nothing really happens except that it happens with a purpose. Blissfully Yours confirms the reputation of one of the most distinctive ne...MORE
Blood (O Sangue)  Blood (O Sangue)
Dir.: Pedro CostaCast: Pedro Hestnes, Nuno Ferreira, Ines de Medeiros, Luis Miguel CintraGenre: PeriodA fable-like tale of two brothers coping with their father’s death. With the help of Clara, Vicente's childhood friend, the trio struggle to survive, caught between their uncle's attempt to abduct/adopt Nino, and mobsters looking to collect the debts Vincente's father left behind....MORE
Celia  Celia
Dir.: Ann TurnerCast: Rebecca Smart, Nicholas Eadie, Victoria Longley, Mary-Anne Fahey, Margaret RickettsGenre: HorrorSet in mid 1950s Australia, with the fear of communism in the air and the country's farmlands overrun by a plague of rabbits, the film depicts a long hot summer seen through the eyes and over-active imagination of nine year old Celia. Shaken by the death of her beloved Grandmother, Celia finds herself adrift between the cruel games and rituals of childhood and the incomprehen...MORE
Confidence  Confidence
Dir: Istvan SzaboStars: Genre: ThrillerWW2 Hungary, hard-bitten resistance fighter János and naive young mother Kata are thrown together in an attempt to escape the Nazis. Compelled to pose as husband and wife, they are forced into a strange intimacy. Terrified of discovery, the couple are wary of all those around them, and even of each other. As their individual loyalties are challenged, their relationship begins to change - calling into question the emotional certainties of their normal lives,...MORE
Dir.: J HERZCast: Genre: Juraj Herz's film The Cremator has been described in many ways - as surrealist-inspired horror, as expressionist fantasy, as a dark and disturbing tale of terror. This brilliantly chilling film, a mix of Dr Strangelove and Repulsion, is set in Prague during the Nazi occupation. It tells the story of Karl Kopfrkingl (Rudolf Hrušínský), a professional cremator, for whom the political climate allows free rein to his increasingly deranged impulses for the 'salvation of t...MORE
Daisies  Daisies
Dir.: VERA CHYTILOVACast: Ivana KarbanovaGenre: ComedyThe life of two girls, Marie I and Marie II, who try to understand the meaning of the world and of their life. A satirical, wild and irreverent story of rebellion, Vera Chytilová’s classic of surrealist cinema is perhaps also the most adventurous and anarchic Czech movie of the 1960s. Two young women, both named Marie, revolt against a degenerate, decayed and oppressive society, attacking symbols of wealth and bourgeois culture. Defiant f...MORE
David Holzman's Diary  David Holzman's Diary
Director: Jim McBride Stars: L.M. Kit Carson, Eileen DietzGenre: Experimental Young filmmaker decides to make a movie of his life. A 1967 American film, directed by Jim McBride, which spoofs the art of documentary-making. It tells the story of a young man making a documentary of his life, who discovers something important about himself while making the movie. It stars L.M. Kit Carson, Eileen Dietz, Lorenzo Mans and Louise Levine. This was McBride's first movie. He has since gone ...MORE
Diamonds Of The Night  Diamonds Of The Night
Dir.: Jan NemecCast: Genre: Diamonds in the night is the tense, brutal story of two Jewish boys who escape from a train transporting them from one concentration camp to another.The debut feature from Jan Němec (director of The Party and the Guests, recently voted by New York Critics as one of the best films of the 60's), Diamonds of the Night is one of the most thrilling and startlingly original works of cinema. Told almost without dialogue, it chronicles the tense and desperate journey of ...MORE
Dir.: Kim Longinotto & Ziba Mir-HosseiniCast: Genre: DocumentaryKim Longinotto is one of UK's best documentary film-makers and these two films just released on Second Run DVD are two of her finest.DIVORCE IRANIAN STYLE follows a group of women who are trying to secure divorces from abusive husbands or unhappy marriages through Tehran's divorce courts. It's not only incredibly eye-opening, it's also funny and awash with witty human insight and paints a portrait of wise, wily women who are try...MORE
Ear, The  Ear, The
Dir.: Karel KachynaCast: Jirina Bohdalova, Radoslav Brzobohat?, Jirâx Casler, Miroslav Holub, Milica Kolofikov‡Genre: DramaAlthough made in 1970, The Ear (Ucho) was immediately banned by the Czech authorities and remained unseen for twenty years, being finally released only after the Velvet Revolution took place in Czechoslovakia . This landmark film is an extraordinary mix of one of the most direct indictments of life under an oppressive totalitarian system and a not-so-private examinatio...MORE
Every Little Thing  Every Little Thing
Dir.: Nicolas PhilibertCast: Genre: DocumentaryDocumentary. The tranquil woods of the Loire Valley embrace the La Borde psychiatric clinic, an asylum in the truest sense of the word, where patients find sanctuary and repose. Patients and staff work together in rehearsals and preparations for their annual summer play. This year, they perform the modernist, absurdist classic, Operette, by Witold Gombrowicz, whose dialogue is more nonsensical than that of the patients themselves....MORE
In The Land Of The Deaf  In The Land Of The Deaf
Dir.: Nicolas PhilibertCast: Jean-Claude Poulain, Abou Bakar, Anh Tuan, Betty, FlorentGenre: DocumentaryThe films and methods of Nicolas Philibert, maker of Etre et avoir, have shown him to be one of contemporary cinema’s most acclaimed documentarists. In The Land of the Deaf is an elegantly spare and thoughtful portrait of the rich, diverse, but often isolated culture of the deaf community. The film has tremendous power and value: it educates and transports us to another way of occupying ...MORE
Innocent Sorcerors (1960)  Innocent Sorcerors (1960)
Director: Andrzej Wajda Stars: Tadeusz Lomnicki, Krystyna StypulkowskaGenre:Romance A young doctor is tired of being sought by women. One night he meets a young girl who all but forces herself into his room where they talk of morals and love... Writers: Jerzy Andrzejewski, Jerzy Skolimowski Niewinni czarodzieje (1960) - 87 min - Drama | Music | Romance - 17 December 1960 (Poland) - Ratings: 6.9/10...MORE
INTERROGATION (Przesluchanie)  INTERROGATION (Przesluchanie)
Dir.: R BUGASKICast: Genre: Based on a true story reflecting the Stalinist terror of the early 1950s, Ryszard Bugajski’s harrowing film was banned under martial law in Poland and only became available on underground VHS through a copy smuggled out by the director at great risk. Tonia (Krystyna Janda), a singer in a sleazy cabaret, is imprisoned without explanation. Days become weeks become months, varied only by the persuasion, intimidation and torture of interrogation. Janda’s outstanding depic...MORE
Dir.: I PASSERCast: Genre: This wonderfully subtle comedy of provincial life is the debut film of a great director and one of the signature works of the Czech New Wave. Ivan Passer’s film concerns the dreams of two musician friends, one of whom, having left their small hometown to become successful, returns to visit the other who stayed behind to become a local music teacher. Focussing on the humour of the ordinary and routine and stunningly shot by Miroslav Ondricek, the film shows true affe...MORE
Larks On A String  Larks On A String
Director: Jirí Menzel Stars: Rudolf Hrusínský, Vlastimil Brodský Genre: ComedySet in the late 1940s, the film concerns the treatment of suspect "bourgeois elements", a professor, a saxophonist, and a milkman, who are put to work in a junkyard for rehabilitation.Shot in 1969, but banned by the Czech government until the fall of the Communist regime in 1990, Menzel s wry comic drama is a hymn to humanity and nonconformity. The film's principal characters are residents of a state-run junkyard /...MORE
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 39 Titles) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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