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Dir.: Pedro ALMODOVARCast: Julieta SerranoGenre: MelodramaA singer at a low-end nightclub hides out at a convent after her lover dies of a bad dose of drugs....MORE
Dir.: DAGUR KARICast: Genre: A young man spurs romance and helps his friend and himself go through times and struggles of their ordinary life in Denmark....MORE
 De Storm   De Storm
Dir.: Ben SombogaartCast:Sylvia Hoeks, Barry Atsma, Dirk Roofthooft Genre: ActionDuring the devastating North Sea flood of 1953, a young woman and a naval officer search for her lost infant son....MORE
 Dead Snow   Dead Snow
Dir.: Tommy WirkolaCast: Genre: HorrorEight medical students going for a boozed-up weekend in snowy Øksfjord, Norway, discover a nasty history lesson of the local area when they uncover some old Nazi gold. Cue an army of pissed off Nazi zombies waking up in order to get their gold back! Their snowbound getaway, stocked up only with beer and ski equipment, becomes a hilarious splatterfest that pays direct homage to classic Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi films....MORE
Dir.: Cristi PuiuCast: Genre: Mr. Lazarescu, a 63 year old lonely man feels sick and calls the ambulance. When it arrives, the paramedic decides he should take him to the hospital but once there they decide to send him to another hospital and then yet another... As the night unfolds and they can't find a hospital for Mr. Lazarescu, his health starts to deteriorate fast....MORE
 Debutantes   Debutantes
Director: Prime CruzCast: Miles Ocampo, Sue Ramirez, Michelle Vito Genre: Horror Kate (Sue Ramirez) is a strange and weird girl who wants to be friends with the popular girls in school - Lara (Miles Ocampo), Jenny (Jane De Leon), Candice (Michelle Vito) and Shayne (Chanel Morales). Kate starts having strange dreams about the girls dying. Kate tries to warn the girls in order to save them, but they don't listen to her....MORE
 Decalogue, The   Decalogue, The
Dir.: Krzysztof KieslowskiCast: Genre: DramaTen films made for Polish tv with the Ten Commandments as a theme....MORE
 Delta   Delta
Dir.: KORNEL MUNDRUCZOCast: Orsi Toth, Felix LaxcoGenre: DRAMAA young man comes back from wandering to his home town on the Danube (in Romania). When people ask him intrusive questions he just stares at them. He looks very ragged, like he hasn't had a shave or a haircut in three months. He finds out when he visits mum that he's got a half-sister called Fauna. He decides he wants to live out in the marshes of the delta, and Fauna runs off with him, in an incestuous fever....MORE
 Desert Bride   Desert Bride
Directors: Cecilia Atán, Valeria Pivato Stars: Paulina García, Claudio RissiGenre: DramaIt tells the story of Teresa, a 54-year-old woman who works as a domestic employee in a family home in Buenos Aires. For decades she has taken refuge in the routine of her tasks, but now that the family has decided to sell the house, her life begins to totter....MORE
Dir.: Cast: Genre: Bekir is in love with Ugur, who loves Zagor who loves to commit crimes. Zagor is moved from jail to jail across Turkey. Ugur follows, and Bekir follows Ugur. A gripping tragic masterpiece....MORE
 Dialogues Of The Exiled   Dialogues Of The Exiled
Dir.: Raul RuizCast: Genre: DramaMagisterial, droll low-budget work is the first film Ruiz made in France after fleeing the Pinochet dictatorship - and also the first feature film of the Chilean diaspora. Many in the Chilean exile community rejected the film for its allegedly light handling of heavy subject matter (reactionary race/gender/class attitudes, party-political fundamentalism, torpor and corruption among the exiles). Wonderful performances from non-actor exiles abound (particularly imp...MORE
 Diamonds Of The Night   Diamonds Of The Night
Dir.: Jan NemecCast: Genre: Diamonds in the night is the tense, brutal story of two Jewish boys who escape from a train transporting them from one concentration camp to another.The debut feature from Jan Němec (director of The Party and the Guests, recently voted by New York Critics as one of the best films of the 60's), Diamonds of the Night is one of the most thrilling and startlingly original works of cinema. Told almost without dialogue, it chronicles the tense and desperate journey of ...MORE
 Difret   Difret
Ethiopian drama based on a true story and executively produced by Angelina Jolie. 14-year-old Hirute Assefa (Tizita Hagere) is abducted by a gang for their leader to marry. After being raped Hirute manages to escape and in the process gets hold of a gun and kills the man that would have become her husband. When Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association founder Meaza Ashenafi (Meron Getnet) learns of Hirute's situation she decides to defend the girl in court, arguing self-defence, despite abduction int...MORE
 Divine Intervention   Divine Intervention
Dir.: E SULEIMANCast: Elia SuleimanGenre: Palestinian director Elia Suleiman himself plays the central character who cares for his ailing father in Jerusalem whilst conducting an affair with a Palestinian woman living in Ramallah. Barred from moving between the two cities, the lovers are forced to share their intimate moments in the shadow of an Israeli army checkpoint, from where they observe the daily feuds between the troops and civilians....MORE
 Do You Remember Dolly Bell?   Do You Remember Dolly Bell?
Dir.: Emir KusturicaCast: Genre: A young man grows up in Sarajevo in the 1960s, under the shadow of his good, but ailing father, and gets attracted by the world of small-time criminals...MORE
 Don't Call Me Son   Don't Call Me Son
Director: Anna Muylaert Stars: Naomi Nero, Daniel Botelho, Dani Nefussi Genre: Drama After discovering the truth about being stolen by the woman he thought was his mother as a child, Pierre (AKA Felipe) must deal with the consequences of his mother's actions and must try to cope with his biological family. (Mãe Só Há Uma, Brazil) RELEASE DELAYED...MORE
 Double Life Of Veronique, The   Double Life Of Veronique, The
Dir.: KIESLOWSKICast: Genre: DramaKrzysztof Kieślowski’s international breakthrough remains one of his most beloved films, a ravishing, mysterious rumination on identity, love, and human intuition. Irène Jacob is incandescent as both Weronika, a Polish choir soprano, and her double, Véronique, a French music teacher. Though unknown to each other, the two women share an enigmatic, emotional bond, which Kieślowski details in gorgeous reflections, colors, and movements. Aided by Slawomir ...MORE
 Drifting Clouds   Drifting Clouds
Dir.: Aki KaurismakiCast: Genre: Drama Follows the dwindling fortunes of restaurant hostess Ilona and her tram driver husband Lauri, who find themselves unemployed at the same time. Embarking on an unforgiving search for work in a recession-hit Helsinki, Kaurismäki's comic masterpiece transforms the pair’s plight into a hugely affecting story of hope and survival.Drifting Clouds (Kauas pilvet karkaavat) is the first film in what has been dubbed The Loser Trilogy, which continued in 2002 with Ma...MORE
 Ear, The   Ear, The
Dir.: Karel KachynaCast: Jirina Bohdalova, Radoslav Brzobohat?, Jirâx Casler, Miroslav Holub, Milica Kolofikov‡Genre: DramaAlthough made in 1970, The Ear (Ucho) was immediately banned by the Czech authorities and remained unseen for twenty years, being finally released only after the Velvet Revolution took place in Czechoslovakia . This landmark film is an extraordinary mix of one of the most direct indictments of life under an oppressive totalitarian system and a not-so-private examinatio...MORE
 Eden Is West   Eden Is West
Directed by Costa-Gavras. Starring Riccardo Scamarcio, Tess Spentzos, Kristen Ross. Genre: Drama Drama centred around immigrants trying to reach the EU....MORE
Displaying 61 to 80 (of 233 Titles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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