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 A Dry White Season   A Dry White Season
Dir.: Euzhan PalcyCast: Donald SutherlandGenre: DramaBen du Toit is a schoolteacher who always has considered himself a man of caring and justice, at least on the individual level. When his gardeners son is brutally beaten up by the police at a demonstration by black school children, he gradually begins to realize his society is built on a pillar of injustice and exploitation....MORE
 A Few Days in September   A Few Days in September
Dir.: SANTIAGO AMIGORENACast: Genre: September the 1st, 2001. Elliot, an American C.I.A. agent holding top secret information on the immediate future of the world, disappears. His sole aim was to meet his daughter Orlando....MORE
 A Foreign Field   A Foreign Field
Dir.: Charles SturridgeCast: Geoffrey Burgon, Richard Greatrex, John BloomGenre: DramaAmos and Cyril are a pair of British veterans from WWII, going back to Normandy 50 years after D-Day to visit an old buddy's grave. There, they run into Waldo, an American WWII vet. And both Waldo and Cyril run into a French woman they were both enamored of in their soldiering days and begin squabbling over her. Waldo's son and daughter-in-law are putting up with him and each other. And the entire group meet up...MORE
Dir.: RIDLEY SCOTTCast: Russell CroweGenre: DramaRussell Crowe finds himself in France tending to the vineyard left to him by his deceased uncle in the somewhat confusing light comedy....MORE
 A Hologram for the King   A Hologram for the King
Director: Tom Tykwer Stars: Tom Hanks, Alexander Black, Sarita ChoudhuryGenre: A failed American sales rep looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his company's product to a wealthy monarch. Writers: Dave Eggers (novel), Tom Tykwer (screenplay)...MORE
Dir.: M MAYERCast: Colin FarrellGenre: Drama From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Hours" comes a story that chronicles a dozen years in the lives of two best friends who couldn't be more different. From suburban Cleveland in the 60s, to New York City in the 80s, where they meet an older woman, the film charts a journey of trials, triumphs, loves and losses. Now the question is: can they navigate the unusual triangle they've created and hold their friendship together?...MORE
Dir.: Paul CiappessoniCast: Glyn HoustonGenre: DramaHaving been invalided out of the Boer War, Paul Craddock buys Shallowford, a manor house and estate in Devon......MORE
 A Kid For Two Farthings   A Kid For Two Farthings
Dir.: Carol ReedCast: Celia Johnson, Diana Dors, David Kossoff, Joe Robinson, Jonathan AshmoreGenre: DramaIn a lower-class London community of small shops, open-air vendors and flea-marketers, Joe, a small boy, lives with his mother, Joanne, who works in and rooms above the Kandinsky tailor shop. Joe is innocently and earnestly determined to help realize the wishes of his poor, hard-working neighbours. Hearing from Mr. Kandinsky the tale that a captured unicorn will grant any wish, Joe uses his ...MORE
 A Late Quartet (Performance)   A Late Quartet (Performance)
Dir: Yaron ZilbermanCast: Catherine Keener, Christopher Walken, Philip Seymour HoffmanGenre: Drama Mystifyingly dim-witted decision to rename the perfectly titled 'A Late Quartet' after the 60s Mick Jagger movie about a rockstar only applies in Australia. Why, we will never know. But this tale about members of a world-renowned string quartet who struggle to stay together in the face of death, competing egos and insuppressible lust should survive the imposition....MORE
 A Letter To Three Wives   A Letter To Three Wives
Dir.: Joseph L. MankiewiczCast: Jeanne Crain, Linda Darnell, Ann Sothern, Kirk Douglas, Paul DouglasGenre: DramaLora May Hollingsway, who grew up next to the wrong side of the tracks, married her boss who thinks she is just a gold digger. Rita Phipps makes as much money writing radio scripts at night as her school teacher husband does. Deborah Bishop looked great in a Navy uniform in WWII but fears she'll never be dressed just right for the Country Club set. These three wives are boarding a boat...MORE
 A Line In The Sand   A Line In The Sand
Dir.: James HawesCast: Ross Kemp, Saskia Reeves, Mark Bazeley, Brana Bajic, Paul BirchardGenre: DramaThe war on terror is being fought at close range. Based on the thriller by Gerald Seymour....MORE
 A Little Chaos   A Little Chaos
Director: Alan Rickman Stars: Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci Genre: Drama, RomanceTwo talented landscape artists become romantically entangled while building a garden in King Louis XIV's palace at Versailles....MORE
 A Man For All Seasons   A Man For All Seasons
Dir.: Fred ZinnemannCast: Paul Scofield, Wendy Hiller, Leo McKern, Robert Shaw, Orson WellesGenre: BiographyMedieval England. The last seven years of English chancellor's life, and the struggle between Sir Thomas More and his King hots up. Henry VIII is determined to break with the Pope so he can divorce his current wife and wed again. Good Catholic More refuses to go along with such heresy. More resigns as chancellor, hoping to be able to live out his life as a private citizen. But Henry will s...MORE
 A Man For All Seasons   A Man For All Seasons
Dir.: Fred ZinnemanCast: Paul Scofield, Wendy Hiller and Robert ShawGenre: Drama Robert Bolt's successful play was not considered a hot commercial property by Columbia Pictures--a period piece about a moral issue without a star, without even a love story. Perhaps that's why Columbia left director Fred Zinnemann alone to make A Man for All Seasons, as long as he stuck to a relatively small budget. The results took everyone by surprise, as the talky morality play became a box-office hit and collec...MORE
 A Map of the World   A Map of the World
Dir.: Scott ElliottCast: Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore, Dara Perlmutter Genre: DramaA woman's life falls apart after she's blamed for an accident on her property....MORE
 A Master Builder   A Master Builder
Dir.: Jonathan DemmeCast: Wallace ShawnGenre: DramaIbsen's play. Twenty years after their brilliant cinema-theater experiment Vanya on 42nd Street, Wallace Shawn and André Gregory reunited to produce another idiosyncratic film version of a classic play, this time Henrik Ibsen’s Bygmester Solness (Master Builder Solness). Brought pristinely to the screen by Jonathan Demme, this compellingly abstract reimagining features Shawn (who also wrote the adaptation) as a visionary but tyrannical mid...MORE
 A Matter Of Life And Death   A Matter Of Life And Death
Dir.: Michael Powell, Emeric PressburgerCast: David Niven, Kim Hunter, Robert Coote, Kathleen Byron, Richard AttenboroughGenre: DramaReturning to England from a bombing run in May 1945, flyer Peter Carter's plane is damaged and his parachute ripped to shreds. He has his crew bail out safely, but figures it is curtains for himself. He gets on the radio, and talks to June, a young American woman working for the RAF, and they are quite moved by each other's voices. Then he jumps, preferring this to...MORE
Dir.: Elijah MOSHINSKYCast: Helen Mirren, Estelle Kohler, Nigel Davenport and Hugh QuarshieGenre: ShakespeareThe BBC TV production of Shakespeare's comedy. The second televised production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with Helen Mirren in the cast, although this time in a different role (Titania)....MORE
 A Mighty Heart   A Mighty Heart
Dir.: Michael WinterbottomCast: Dan Futterman, Angelina Jolie, Archie Panjabi, Mohammed Afzal, Mushtaq KhanGenre: DramaOn January 23, 2002, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is to fly from Karachi to Dubai with his pregnant wife, Mariane, also a reporter. On the day before, with great care, he has arranged an interview in a cafŽ with an Islamic fundamentalist cleric. When Danny doesn't return, Mariane initiates a search. Pakistani police, American embassy personnel, and the FBI examine ...MORE
 A Passage To India   A Passage To India
Dir.: David LeanCast: Judy Davis, Victor Banerjee, Peggy Ashcroft, James Fox, Alec GuinnessGenre: AdventureTensions between Indians and the colonial British come to a boil when a white female tourist accuses a young Indian Doctor of rape during a visit to caverns. A study of colonial relations and the nature of memory. Based on E. M. Forster's novel....MORE
Displaying 41 to 60 (of 2580 Titles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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